What is Yur My Snshine?

There's no cutting corners when it involves a child's safety, development, growth & health. . . this is exactly why Yur My Snshine was created. 

Hi y'all, I'm Fantasia, the owner of Yur My Snshine! I'm so glad you are here & willing to grow with us :) Yur My Snshine is an infant & small children's sustainable necessities brand. As a mother myself, it's extremely important to shower my children with all the good things the universe has to offer & it truly does start at home. From the food we eat, the toys my children plays with, the bathing products/shampoos we use, etc., I ensure they are nontoxic products for both my children & the environment while also being products that helps to support development & growth.

Safety, development, growth & good health are not luxuries but rather necessities that each & every child needs to be successful & that's truly the mindset I have when carefully handpicking the products I offer to my community (YOU!). 

My goal is to build this community full of healthy & growing children. My promise to you is that we will always offer products & suggestions that will encourage your family to practice sustainability.

At any point please let me know how I can help! You can reach me through our website, Instagram or Facebook. I would love to hear from you!